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Boyum & Mather’s classic Empirical Theories About Courts is Digitally Remastered: A foundational work in the field of trial courts

The classic and groundbreaking study of trial courts and other dispute processes — and foundational ways to think about researching them — is now available in a modern digital edition. It is edited by Professors Keith O. Boyum and Lynn Mather, and contains chapters from the leading theorists about courts and their research.
Much cited and [...]


Linda Veazey argues for a gendered view of cultural rights instead of the usual dichotomy

A Woman’s Right to Culture is a new and insightful analysis of the usual meme that cultural rights in international law are at odds with the rights of women in affected societies. Rather than seeing these concepts as mutually exclusive, Linda Veazey frames cultural rights — through detailed case studies and analysis of law — [...]


Lisa McElroy’s new novel Called On “may be this generation’s One L

“Lisa McElroy perfectly captures the pressures, challenges, and triumphs of both teaching and studying the law. Filled with big, memorable personalities, Called On is an utterly charming depiction of the 1L experience.” — Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Ex
“McElroy nails law school—from first-day jitters to gunners and back-benchers—in a funny, perceptive, [...]

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